Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Outdoor Education

                                         First and Second Grade  Observing Flowers and Pollinators
First,second and third grade have been studying plants and their pollinators and the Vt. products they produce as a result of this relationship.  Students have dissected flowers, seen pollinators in action, pretended to be bees collecting nectar and discovered that flowers have different colors of pollen. They have recorded all their observations in a nature journal. Our outdoor science curriculum is based on four large ideas: A group of living things share a common purpose or space. Second, all living things are interdependent and connected. Every organism,system, and place depends on others. Third, Every organism and every system goes through cycles. All organisms,places and systems are constantly changing over time. All the students have been excited about their outdoor discoveries. We will conclude this unit by making bread with the seeds the flowers produced and designing our own flower with all parts to ensure its survival.