Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Native American Discoveries

Our class has been studying five Native American tribes. The students discovered how each tribe survived within their habitat. The found out what each tribe used for tools, food, shelter and clothing. Everyone loved creating their own individual village scene complete with a tee-pee they created, Native American figures and accessories for survival. We concluded our unit by exploring an archeology site.The students had the opportunity to dig  up Native American artifacts. Each student found a arrow head they could keep.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Dairy in The Classroom

First and Second grade students participated in five Dairy in the Classroom lessons with our instructor Virginia Holiman. Our class won a grant from the Vt. Dairy Council which paid for our instructor, delicious dairy products to sample and a trip to a dairy farm. The students through this program learned about the what Vt. farms provide for us and how important they are. Virginia helped all the students explore
with hands on materials all the different types of farms in Vt. and the products they provide. We concluded our unit with a trip to my Fifield Border Acres Mrs. Cram's family farm.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Outdoor Education

                                         First and Second Grade  Observing Flowers and Pollinators
First,second and third grade have been studying plants and their pollinators and the Vt. products they produce as a result of this relationship.  Students have dissected flowers, seen pollinators in action, pretended to be bees collecting nectar and discovered that flowers have different colors of pollen. They have recorded all their observations in a nature journal. Our outdoor science curriculum is based on four large ideas: A group of living things share a common purpose or space. Second, all living things are interdependent and connected. Every organism,system, and place depends on others. Third, Every organism and every system goes through cycles. All organisms,places and systems are constantly changing over time. All the students have been excited about their outdoor discoveries. We will conclude this unit by making bread with the seeds the flowers produced and designing our own flower with all parts to ensure its survival.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

First Day News

Aug. 31, 2016
Dear Parents,
Everyone had a great first day. The second grade students were good mentors for the first graders. The second graders helped them at choice time showing the first graders where different activities were in the room. The first graders practiced their friendship and social skills sharing materials and taking turns. Next week I will be sending home a parent handbook that will answer many of your questions like the difference in schedules for first and second grade. Our class will be studying how to be a good friend for the next several weeks. We will be brainstorming how to be a good friend and acting these skills out to reinforce them. We will be reading books about good friends and even watching videos about unlikely animal friends. Over the next couple weeks take the time to write a letter to me about your child and the goals you have for them this school year.
Thanks Mrs. Cram
Check out our class blog ( ) it is also accessible from the school website.
Ask your child what it means to be a good friend.
Ask how animals can become good friends.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

We had a wonderful first day of school. We brainstormed how to be a good friend. We will be practicing friendship skills for several weeks.